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Group of friends who are passionate about web development, fitness, self-improvement and many other things!


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Patryk Szczurowski avatar

Patryk Szczurowski

Fullstack Developer / Designer

European Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Fullstack Developer and Designer.

Miłosz Jankiewicz avatar

Miłosz Jankiewicz

Fullstack Developer

Ex Challenger in League of Legends, Fullstack Developer.

Jakub Czarnowski avatar

Jakub Czarnowski

Fullstack Developer

Senior Developer at 19, released 3 commercial products. Worked for both small and huge companies.

Łukasz Cybulski avatar

Łukasz Cybulski

Fullstack Developer

Our Fitness Guru, who loves to code and lift weights. Experienced Fullstack Developer.

Sebastian Kłosiński avatar

Sebastian Kłosiński

Fullstack Developer

Full stack developer with over 4 years of commercial experience. I am passionate about JavaScript ecosystem.

Adam Dobrzeniewski avatar

Adam Dobrzeniewski

Frontend Developer

Experienced Frontend Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

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